Alex Frey

November 18, 2019
Position: LHP
Class:Incoming freshman, committed to Yale.
Hometown:Murrysville, PA
High School:Franklin Regional

Why did you choose to play in the CLPB? :

“It’s an opportunity to see some live bats and have a chance to develop my game. I know this environment will help me develop into a better player because the training will help me compete at a higher level next spring.”

Tell us a little bit about what you intend to improve on with us:

“Of course I’d like to increase velocity on my fast ball, but I also want to take the necessary steps to stay healthy.”

Fun Fact:

Alex’s brother, Matt, played in the CLPB last summer as an infielder for the Palm Beach Snowbirds. He is currently a junior playing at Davidson College.

Favorite song:

“I’d have to say Shaolin World-Wide by Wu-Tang Clan”

What happened last summer?:

“I was signed up to play in the CLPB, but I ended up playing for the FTB Rockets (Kap’s travel team).”