Cressey Sports Performance

Collegiate League of the Palm Beaches Training at Cressey Sports Performance-Florida

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What services can you expect from Cressey Sports Performance with the league pricing?

  • Initial one-on-one evaluation: movement screen and discussion of injury history, training experience, specific goals, positions played, etc.
  • Individualized training programs, featuring warm-ups, corrective exercise, arm care, medicine ball work, speed/agility drills, and strength training
  • Unlimited training at CSP-FL with our experienced coaching staff (typically 3- 4x/week scheduled team times)
  • Team nutritional consultations and guidance

2. Is the training individualized personal training or group training?

Your evaluation on the first day will be one -on-one with one of our coaches.
When you return for your second day at CSP, you will receive your first month of training materials. This program will include unique warm-ups, specific movement training, corrective exercise, medicine ball work, and a strength training regimen. We design this material to be completed under the supervision of our coaching staff. While the first week or two with us will likely be very coaching intensive, you will soon become familiar with the training materials and function more within our semi-private environment, with a 5:1 client-to-coach ratio.

3. How are schedules created? How much will I be able to be at CSP?

Each individual assessment will be scheduled by the athlete directly by emailing Anna Cressey at . The league schedule will be provided to each athlete, but will provide plenty of training time. This is gym time is scheduled around game/practice times and will allow for training sessions 3-4x/week. The league encouraged you to utilize the provided CSP time and take advantage of the unique opportunity the CLPB/CSP relationship provides.

4. Can I pay monthly or is it 2 months up-front? What are the payment options?

Monthly payments are available. We highly encourage you to pay for the two months upfront to avoid disruption of training while we wait for second payments. There will also be an option to continue distance-based programs upon completion of the summer league training. The coaches will be able to provide more information toward the end of the program.

Payment for the first month will be due at the time of the assessment appointment.
We accept check, cash, credit card, and online credit card payments.

5. What takes place at CSP during the spring training period?

This time will allow athletes who would like to train at CSP to schedule their initial training assessment. We want the player to get an aggressive start to their training program with more technical/intense lifts, dedicated nutrition, and manual therapy if needed. Again, the athlete can schedule an assessment by emailing Anna Cressey at

“I’ve used Cressey Sports Performance programming for my last six offseasons. CSP has been a crucial part of the success I have had in my career. The programs have helped me gain velocity as well as put my body in a position to remain healthy throughout a long season.”
-Corey Kluber, Cleveland Indians – 2014 & 2017 American League Cy Young

“CSP has far exceeded my expectations. I am not only more athletic and durable, but also more educated about how my body works. I’ve become part of a family environment that not only gave me training partners for motivation, but also lifelong friends. CSP is more than just a gym; it’s a home away from home, and a motivating, educational experience that brings out the best in you. This is a game-changer for athletes in Florida, as their expertise in managing the baseball athlete is unparalleled.”
-Steve Cishek, Chicago Cubs

Questions or to pay in advance: Email