Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does the league cost?

League fee for 2020 is $1,000 dollars.
(This is the fee to participate in the league and will cover our fees for buying all supplies for the league, uniforms for players, field rentals, umpires, baseballs, paying our staff, etc.)


Players are responsible for setting up their own housing and living situations over the course of the summer. Here are some ways that players have made this work the past couple of years.

  • Stay with friends & family who live locally
  • Participate in the league with a college teammate who is from the area and stay with them
  • Rent an appt with a group of teammates locally

Does the league have any suggestions if we are looking to rent?

  • Official CLPB Housing Partner: Jupiter Bay Resorts – Contact them for a great deal on a fully furnished 2 bedroom appt that comfortably sleeps 4.
  • Peter Marrano –
  • Link to Jupiter Bay Resorts:

Cressey Sports Performance:

The opportunity that the players are given to train at the Cressey Sports Performance facility over the course of the summer is an experience that creates tremendous value for our league and we take extreme pride in this. The cost for Cressey will be $299 per month for CLPB Players.

When do players report?

The first day of league activity will be June 1st.

How is the schedule normally formatted?

For the Summer of 2020, we will feature a 30-35 game schedule. Teams should expect to have 4-5 games per week.

When does the league normally end?

The final day of the CLPB will be July 31st.

How do players contact the CLPB with interest in participation?