Luke Drummond

November 17, 2019
Position: RHP
College: Birmingham Southern
Graduation Year: 2021, Sophomore at Birmingham Southern
From: Temple Terrace, FL near Tampa
High School: King High School

What is your favorite baseball highlight from your years of playing?

My favorite highlight is going to the state finals my senior year of high school. We unfortunately lost but it was a blast to just be there.

Why are you playing in the CLPB?

One of my high school pitching coaches thought it would be a great fit for me. I also wanted to be able to keep playing ball during the summer.

If you could write a scouting report on yourself, what would you write?

I would say I have a big frame, I work quick on the mound, and that I tend to attack the hitters.

Who would you say you model your game after? Why?

Former Cy Young winner and Comeback Player of the year winner, Chris Carpenter of the St. Louis Cardinals. He is one of the biggest competitors in the game and I looked up to him as a kid.

What is your pre game ritual? Is there anything specific you eat before the game or does it change game to game?

I usually pray before starting my warm-ups. I usually like to eat mac and cheese or just any form of pasta to get ready for the game.