Player Spotlight: Edgar Perez

July 30, 2021

The Marlins star infielder currently attends Florida National University. Perez has been electric to watch all year long and currently sits 3rd for league batting average.

Q: How long have you been playing baseball for and what made you start playing?

A: I’ve been playing baseball since I was about 4 years old! My father was my inspiration to play the game. He was drafted at 17 by the White Sox out of Colombia and lived the pro ball dream for years after that, having me during his final seasons I was able to catch a glimpse of what the life was like before he stopped playing & I fell in love with the game!

Q: Considering your great season, how do you feel heading into fall ball?

A: Thankfully I’ve had a very positive season this year at CLPB & I feel confident going into the fall, CLPB does a great job every year of making sure we’re getting great work in & preparing ourselves for the fall & spring season!

Q: How would you describe your personality on the field?

A: I would have to say my personality on the field is always HAPPY & GRATEFUL! I can be having the worst day off the field but it’s like once I step between those line It’s hard to be mad or upset & becomes easier to clear my mind and remember how lucky I am! it takes me seconds to realize there are kids that are not fortunate enough to be playing this beautiful game we play & so for that I am GRATEFUL everyday while I’m out there, big smile on my face and good vibes!

Q: Do you have any superstitions or routines you have to do before any game?

A: I don’t have any superstitions BUT I do have a routine & I feel it’s definitely crucial to my mental approach that day! So, no matter what time we play whether it’s 10am or 2pm I wake up at 6:30AM & hop in the shower for about an hour & half (my mom wants to kill me every time) then I drive down to my local Latin America & have me a champions breakfast! That’s Scrambled Eggs, french fries, bacon & toast with coffee! You also can’t forget the strawberry shake to go!! After that I’d have time to come back home and relax maybe watch some highlights, start creating an approach, setting some goals & basically mentally prepare myself hours before, come game time we lock it in and we’re ready to go!

Q: Who’s your favorite player to watch? Why?

A: My favorite player to watch would have to be Javi Baez! I think everyone likes Baez but I love him not only for his god given talent that he displays with ease every night, but his SWAGGER is untouched! I love the way he carries himself on and off the field! Always happy, everyone loves him & he’s just such an amazing ball player overall!

Q: Favorite artist to listen to pregame?

A: Da baby! Da baby! Da baby! This man right here gets me toooo hype before games, throw on some air pods & one of his albums and you’re ready to go!!