Steve Proteau

Vipers Coach Steve Proteau is Excited to Get Back Out on the Field

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Coach Steve Proteau has been in baseball his whole life, he played baseball up until college where he then began his coaching career. Currently he coaches at Centennial high school up in Port St. Lucie Florida where he trains young pitchers and hitters to use the proper mechanics as well as keeping them healthy and adding longevity to their careers.   

Rather than watching some of these new shows/documentaries Coach Proteau has been spending his time during this quarantine expanding his knowledge of the game and he has also been spending time with his family. He’s looking forward to getting back on the field but other than baseball he’s just ready to get back on track to a normal schedule. 

His main goal this season in the CLPB is to expand his guy’s games mentally and physically, plus help players understand the game, as well as learning from his players how they see the game. He wants to give all his guys an opportunity to improve and get in-game repetitions. He is very excited for the upcoming CLPB season and is looking forwards to helping his players and just getting back out on the field.